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How do I become a model?

First of all, you need to submit your photo and age. Planet of Modelling is here for you to help with free advise and lead you to the right steps and tools and all you need to know to step into the modelling industry. We will direct you with proper information what categories (fashion, commercial, sports, catwalk, promotional etc...) you are suitable for.

Do I need a Portfolio?

To approach agencies, no you do not. Simply because you do not know if you are a model material or not. Firstly, seek professional advise, if it's worth it for you to pursue modelling in the first place.

Can I bring a friend for appointment if I am under age?

No, if you are under age, you must be accompanied by Parent (or both) or legal guardian.

Can I be a model if I am under 5 ft 8?

Most fashion agencies will require you to be at least 5 ft 8, but in commercial modelling your height doesn't matter. Commercial modelling is for all heights, shapes, ages and sizes, as long as you are photogenic.

If after submitting picture I get invite, does that mean that I qualify as a model?

Not necessarily, not everybody can be a model, and just seeing the picture may be misleading. Therefore, final decision is usually made face to face.

What age is "too old" to apply for modelling?

Commercial modelling does not have age limit. You may apply at any age, even if you are absolute beginner. There are plenty of companies that require mature age models for their products. The age of model advertising product must be related to the consumer buying product, for instance, teenager will not advertise luxury cars or luxury holidays.

Can I sign up for modelling with more than one agency?

Yes, as long as you are not exclusively signed with anyone.

Will I need to invest in my portfolio?

If you get scouted by one of the top fashion agencies at a very young age, the agency will invest in your first pictures and will take that amount of money from your earnings. In this case, the agency will own the copyrights to your portfolio. If you are not a fashion model and do not meet the strict requirements of top fashion modelling agencies, but a commercial face and wish to pursue freelance modelling, you will need to invest in your own portfolio, which is most popular way since you and only you own your images and chose who you want to work with.